Learned something new

I have been a Christian since 1987 and I have through the Bible numerous times.  I am always amazed that I see things that I have not seen in previous readings.

Our Men’s Bible Study is doing a character study on David this cycle.

As I was preparing this week for Chapter 1, I was reading 1 Samuel 8 to get the context of what was taking place prior to Saul being chosen king.  I did not realize that Samuel’s sons did not walk in the path that he did.  1 Samuel 8:3 says “But his sons did not walk in his ways; they turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice.”

This is powerful because most people look at Samuel and remember his young life being brought up among the disgrace of Eli’s sons and Eli’s inattention to his own sons wickedness. As a parent I can only imagine the disappointment that Samuel must have felt that his own sons turned away from what was right. It is also a great reminder that just because a child grows up in the right environment (going to church, Christian school,etc) there is no guarantee that they will follow the Lord.  A great reminder to pray for your children and to be an active parent in your childrens lives.

Thankful that the Bible is a living book and full of truths that we can apply to our lives even in the 21st century!

Picture credit:  amazon.com


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