Spirit Airlines – Not Bad


In trying to get from Point A to Point B, sometimes you have to fly.  As someone who has travelled a lot at different periods of my life, you have to approach flying nowadays with a great degree of patience.  Prior to this trip, the last flight I took was a nightmare, my wife and I were leaving DFW and headed back to MN and when we arrived at the airport just prior to going through security our flight was cancelled and we sat at the airport for almost 8 hours trying to get home standby.  We eventually got home the next day.

I was trying to get from DFW to MSP for a few days and wanted to spend as little as possible (I think most everyone would agree with that).  I decided to try Spirit Airlines with a bit of fear and trepidation.  I had heard the horror stories about flight cancellations, seats that did not recline, no legroom, being charged for everything.    I booked my tickets about 4 weeks in advance and paid about $136.00 round trip which included my carry-on bag (yes, you pay for those, but not a personal item)

I left last Sunday 10/5 early and made it through security quite quickly.  The flight boarded on time and we left a little late but made up the time in the air and landed at MSP on time.  I had an aisle seat (yes I paid for that also) and had plenty of legroom and the seat for was just fine for my 6′ 2″ frame.  With that being said, I would not necessarily fly Spirit on a long flight or outside of the US.  For the short flight to MSP, it was perfect.

I enjoyed my short stay in MN (maybe another post about that later) and headed home Tuesday evening.  One thing with Spirit, you have to have some flexibility in travel times because they have a limited number of flights.  My outbound flight was perfect because it left early in the morning.  My return flight did not leave until 8:15 pm with a scheduled arrival at 10:45 at DFW.  Not my favorite time to travel.

I arrived back at MSP on Tuesday in plenty of time to return the rental car, get from Lindbergh to Humphrey and get through security. No TSA pre-check this time.  Got through security with no issues or having to wait a long time.  Found my gate and noticed that the inbound flight was delayed.  I went to the counter and found that there would be a gate change, so I went to the new gate and was able to find a place to charge my cell phone and waited.  We boarded about 7:30 and we left on time – again, I had an aisle seat and had plenty of legroom.  We left on-time and actually arrived 20 mins early.

Overall, for my first flight it was a very pleasant experience and I will be glad to use Spirit again to go to MSP.  For as little as I paid for everything, I almost wonder how they survive financially.

Have any of you flown Spirit Airlines?  Tell me about your experience in the comments section


2 responses to “Spirit Airlines – Not Bad

  1. Your experience on Spirit is like the vast majority of people who fly the airline. I fly them all the time and I love them…mainly because I save so much money on air travel. While every airline has numerous complaints about delays and cancellations, I think the people who complain about Spirit fall into two categories: 1) They fly a lot for business (so they don’t buy their own tickets, and don’t care about saving money) and they enjoy the benefits of frequent flyer travel…(first class upgrades, early boarding, free drinks, etc.) that they won’t get on Spirit. 2) They’ve been flying the same way for a long time and they are uncomfortable with this new way of flying. The last time an airline changed the rules of flying in the U.S. was Southwest in the 1980’s. Many people hated Southwest when it started because they didn’t serve meals (all airlines served hot meals on every flight back then) or have seat assignments…they were called Cattle Call airlines and Greyhound Bus of the air. But now they’re used to it and Southwest is a loved airline. The same will happen with Spirit, as many other airlines are adopting the way they fly. As for how they survive financially is they keep their operating costs down, mainly by keeping the weight of the plane lighter, and therefore spending less on fuel (the biggest expense for airlines). Because people have to pay for their bags on Spirit, they tend to bring less…and there is less weight. Spirit’s seats weigh less than normal airline seats. They don’t put on entertainment systems and wi-fi systems because they add weight (wi-fi systems are 700 lbs alone). So their planes are more fuel efficient – and that saves a lot of money. Since Spirit’s planes have more seats on their planes that means the costs of gas per person is spread out more (kind of like a carpool). As for paying for checked and carryon bags, seat assignments, even water and snacks on Spirit – don’t be fooled. All airlines charge for these things, they just do it in an all-inclusive price. Even if you don’t check a bag on Southwest (which claims you get two free checked bags) you pay for them in your ticket price…EVEN IF YOU DON’T CHECK A BAG. If you don’t drink sodas or coffee, you still pay for those things too. On Spirit, you only have to pay for those things if you want or need them. I’m glad to see your experience is more like mine on Spirits.

    • Pauline, thanks for commenting, you are 100%, flying is definitely changing and people (me included) are too used to the way things were…I like Spirit for short trips not long ones.

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