2014 – A year of transition and change

First, let me say that I have not written much this year, some of it has been intentional and some of it was just not disciplining myself to write. I tried to journal this year and started out great and did really well until May and somehow got derailed and never restarted.  I hope to change that and my posting frequency here as well in the new year – just a few hours away.

This has been a year of transition and change for our entire family.  It means leaving Minnesota after living there for 12 years and moving to Texas due to a job consolidation/transfer.  It meant leaving our church after 12 years and attempting to find another church home in a new location (we haven’t been very successful).  It meant selling one car (it was getting older and needing more attention and $$ along with having no air conditioning) and getting by with one car.  It also meant getting adjusted to taking public transportation every day to and from work.   It meant learning how to function without our “network” of friends and family.  It also gave us a greater appreciation for our times with family since we are now separated. It has given us a greater appreciation of the role of the local church since we went from being heavily involved for 12 years to now being ones who are on the searching end of things looking for a local church (and we are still looking)

I have written a lot about ministry and the various trials and experiences that I have had since graduating from seminary in 2010 and the unfruitful search for pastoral ministry since graduation.  I have decided to write less on the subject and replace my writing with more praying.  I have to guard against bitterness and anger.  Some have said that writing sometimes can be therapeutic and it can, if not checked, it can degenerate into a complaint or gripe session.  My desire to serve God has grown stronger in this transitional period since I have gone from preaching and teaching from January 2014- July 2014 to no teaching or preaching since I left MN in July 2014. The theme this year for ministry is

And I thank Christ Jesus my Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry – 1 Timothy 1:12

I look forward to setting some new goals (no New Year’s resolutions) being a better father and husband and seeing what the Lord has in store for our family this year.


4 responses to “2014 – A year of transition and change

  1. I think you have to ask yourself “why?” you haven’t found a church. Are you looking back instead of looking ahead?

    • Elijah, thanks for reading and commenting. I have asked the why question many times of myself and I haven’t been too successful with finding any definitive answers. Some of it could be the fact that I have never drawn a paycheck from a church and some churches/pastors see that as a negative even though I have served in three churches as a layman and have been extensively involved in each one. Could it be that I am a casualty of church politics or that a church doesn’t want to hire me based on where I went to college and seminary? Not exactly sure because every time (except for one) when I have submitted my resume, the churches have refused to give me a concrete reason as to why they refused to interview or hire me. The one church that did give me an answer stated that I had too much of a background in administration and they did not want a micro-manager. Now, they gave this assessment after only looking at my documents and my answers to their questionnaire and never having a phone or face-to-face conversation with me.

      There was a church that wanted me to be their pastor, I had provided pulpit supply for them. They were located in a small rural farming community and there were less than 20 people in the church. They were good people but they could not have provided the financial support needed for me to pastor full-time. There was no infrastructure in the town that would have been able to provide a secular job to allow me to work and pastor bi-vocationally. At the same time we were discussing the possibilities, I was laid off from my secular job and that forced us to relocate to a different state to stay employed. That changed our circumstances as well. I have been looking but most opportunities require an extensive amount of church experience which I have as a layman but not as a paid employee. I faced this same scenario when I graduated from Bible college – I was in my 20’s unmarried and had no experience, now I am in my 40’s married with children and still have no paid church staff experience. Looking ahead, I am not sure where to look or what to look for considering what I have experienced over the last four years in looking and finding nothing.

  2. Terry … West River Road Baptist is looking for a pastor. link

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