Special Places

It may be grand or simple.  It may be large or small.  Special places come in all shapes and sizes.  I have two of those places in my life.  One was in MN near where I worked, it wasn’t a place per se, but rather a route that I used to walk (weather permitting) while taking a break.  Many times I would use the time (about 15 mins) to pray and talk with the Lord about various requests and situations.  I remember walking this route when my mother was dying of cancer begging God to heal her.  I remember walking this same route right before my job ended last July and we were getting ready to move.  I lost count how many times I walked that route that would take me down 10th Avenue, up Wisconsin Avenue to the pathway the runs between the townhomes and Bassett Creek, hanging a left and the path would connect with a street that eventually lead to Golden Valley Rd and then I would take that to Winnetka and then back to 10th Avenue and back to work.  I could walk it in 15 mins and it was about 1 mile.  If there was snow or ice on the route, I would not walk because one time I walked it I almost slipped and fell, so I decided to walk when the sidewalks and paths were clear.

There is another such place when I go to visit my in-laws in FL.  Again, it may not appear to be much but to me it was a place of solitude, exercise and time to communicate with the Lord.



This neighborhood park in Pensacola, FL may not look like much but it represents a place that I could get in a good walk (it is about .25 miles around once).  During our last trip, I spent a lot of time here in the morning and the evening.  It is fairly quiet and traffic is minimal.



As you can see the park forms a wedge within the neighborhood and there are houses surrounding it.  I probably could have taken a better picture!

I have not found a special place in TX like I have in MN and FL but I am still looking.  Do you have a special place that you like to go for silence, exercise, or prayer?


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  1. I appreciate this blog post. Thanks

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