Wow… things got really busy around here

I posted what I thought was just an expression of some of my thoughts and never expected it to turn into a decent full-fledged conversation!  The previous post on Doing what you are trained for – set a record in one day hits.  I did not know it at the time, but someone had posted a link to it at and then things took off.  It has been a good exchange here.  Thankful for those who read and had helpful comments.  I looked at the thread over at Sharper Iron and it was just as one could expect.  There were a few that accused me of whining (not surprised) but those who accused me of that, never came over here to join the conversation.  I won’t go to Sharper Iron to interact because I left there years ago after a dispute with the Forum owner after I made a comment that named some names in a longstanding controversy.  I guess he didn’t like it.

It is good to talk about things.  If ideas stay bottled up in one’s head, then you never know what they might become… Civil discussion is good and we need more of it.


One response to “Wow… things got really busy around here

  1. Your statement about Sharper Iron is not factually true. I was a moderator at the time and know the facts of the case. The “named names” was off topic on that particular thread. AND the person whom you named had been thoroughly discussed on another(s) thread (you could search S/I and find it). I was not personally involved in that decision by the way.

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