About the blog

This blog is a way for me to write about various issues and topics that interest me and possibly others who may read. It is an outlet for me to attempt to hone my writing skills. I am a graduate of Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis (M.A., MDiv.) The picture that you see is the Honeycutt Center Building on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I took this picture while I was on campus in 2008. I do not claim to be much of a photographer, but this picture turned out nice.

I hope that you enjoy the posts and that you will feel free to interact with myself and others who will comment here.  I appreciate those who take the time to read and interact with what I have written.


2 responses to “About the blog

  1. We were wondering about Mort’s Deli, so thanks for the info! If you know any kids who like to write, please invite them to check out the ongoing essay contest on my website: http://www.kidscandoit.com
    Thanks for the info about Mort’s–we’re going to try it!

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