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Why I could not vote for Huckabee

  • He raised taxes in Arkansas double-digits
  • His position on global warming
  • His position on healthcare is nothing more than an HMO nanny-managed dictate
  • Neo-prohibitionist( he wants to ban everything like Democrats do)
  • He supports amnesty instead of legal immigration
  • He is not a conservative like he claims to be

Did you vote today?

Today here in MN, we had local elections mainly centered around school board levies, basically, the schools groveling at the feet of the taxpayer asking for more money, claiming it is “for the children” and then using it for who knows what.

It is disheartening to hear the lies in this situation.  It seems that per pupil spending keeps going up, the quality of education still stinks, and the government and education types complain that they do not have enough money.  Look at your local school district budget and you will see that the majority of the money spent is for salaries and benefits, not on the children!

My stance is that the school board should learn to live within their means and not ask us for one more cent.  We are already taxed to the hilt and they cannot get enough.  If there are some who feel that there is a need, let them foot the bill and let them send a check to their local school board.

Unfortunately, some of these levies will pass and the taxpayers in those districts will get soaked for years to come because they were fed some meaningless propaganda about class sizes and other nonsense.

This was an opportunity for people to stand up against increased taxation, but voter turnout was low.

Tax hikes

I realize that I am been absent lately. I apologize. I have been very busy with seminary studies and family life.

A lot of talk recently regarding Democrats wanting to raise taxes. I have a solution to the problem:

Let them write out a check made payable to:


for how ever much they feel they need to pay. As for me and probably many others, I already pay enough and I strongly resent the implications and inferences that they do not feel that the American public pay enough. Tell them to check and see that revenue is up this year.

The government will gladly accept anyone’s money.

SCHIP debate

As many of you may or may not know, there is a heated debate going on at the National level and here in MN regarding the SCHIP(State Childrens Health Insurance Program). President Bush has stated that he will veto the bill from Congress that calls for the expansion of this program.  One Congressman went so far as to state the following: “We have a moral obligation to cover our children” Yes, we do Congressman, but it is our responsibility as parents and not the government’s responsibility!

Since when was it the business of government to fund insurance programs? I agree with the President and support him on this issue.

I am a bit frustrated with the whole debate for several reasons:

1) The SCHIP is nothing more than another government program that if the Democrats get in power will make it easier for them to attempt to convert it to National Health Insurance (ala Canada and the UK)

2) Why are adults covered under a Children’s Health Insurance program?

3) If this is truly for poor children who do not have coverage, how come people making 300% over the poverty level (approx $83k ) able to qualify for this program?

Some questions that Democrats and RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) who support this legislation need to answer, but they won’t

The solution to the problem is quite simple, if you want your children and yourself to have insurance, do what I do and other Americans do. We get our insurance through our employer and our employer pays a portion and we pay our portion through payroll deductions. I work for a great company that takes very good care of its employees and our insurance is a significant portion of our overall package. Insurance is enough of a priority for me and my family that I will make the sacrifices necessary to make sure that all of us are covered. I do not own a home, but I know some people that own homes, newer vehicles than what I drive, have cell phones (more than one) and other things, but do not have insurance. It is simply a matter of priorities and what you will choose to spend money on.

I understand that there are exceptions, but for the most part, some people would rather have a government or state handout at the expense of other taxpayers. The logic they use is – why should I pay for it, when I can get someone else (i.e the state and federal government) to pay for it instead, thereby, not sacrificing anything or teaching their children about sacrifice and paying your own way…

This program should be for its intended purpose and not the fraud that is currently being thrust into the faces of the American people.

I love my child and I pay for his insurance and do not expect the government to do so.

Miscellaneous utterings

Here are some things I heard last week, see what you think of them:

“We have said that the troops can stay” – Nancy Pelosi

I for one, would like to know where is her constitutional authority regarding US Troops.  Last time I checked, the President was the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, not Nancy Pelosi.

Global Warming …. communism on crack

What a great statement, which is so true.  Global Warming is nothing more than a crock in order to get people to give up their money, freedoms, etc. for the benefit of the earth.  If you believe in Global Warming, then I have some beachfront property in Nebraska to sell you.

Tim Pawlenty – Conservative

He might as well switch parties, because each and every day, he is sounding more like a Democrat and a RINO (Republican In Name Only) He has also been duped about this “Global Warming” junk as well.  Very sad.

Tom Lantos should be ashamed of himself

Tom Lantos of CA is a disgrace and he owes General Petraeus as well as the American People an apology. He insinuated in his opening remarks that the General’s testimony was tainted and accused him of being a liar. This is nothing new for the left-winged Democratic liberal establishment.

Lantos was not even born in this country, he was born in Hungary. You would think that he would appreciate freedom that has been provided for him from valiant men like General Petraeus and others.

I am ashamed that someone like this ingrate sits in Congress looking down his nose at a four-star general who he voted to confirm! The democrats confirmed the General and now they are attacking him. Makes sense doesn’t it?

This is what Lantos said: (Courtesy of the gavel)

Chairman Lantos:
“We can not take ANY of this Administration’s assertions on Iraq at face value anymore, and no amount of charts or statistics will improve its credibility. This is not a knock on you, General Petraeus, or on you, Ambassador Crocker. But the fact remains, gentlemen, that the Administration has sent you here today to convince the members of these two Committees and the Congress that victory is at hand. With all due respect to you, I must say … I don’t buy it. And neither does the independent Government Accountability Office or the Commission headed by General Jones. Both recently issued deeply pessimistic reports… In the last few days, General Petraeus, media have reported that you are prepared to support a slow drawdown of our forces in Iraq – beginning with a brigade or two, perhaps at the end of this year. This clearly is nowhere near enough… It is time to go – and to go now.”

No, Congressmen Lantos, it is time for you to go! Do all of us a favor and resign, because by saying what you have said, someone should bring you up on treason charges, because it is clear that you do not appreciate freedom or the sacrifices made for it to be possible for you to be free.

People pontificating like Lantos disgust me.

Fred in 08

Need I say more…. finally the wait is over! Now, I can get interested in the Presidential race!