These are a few of the papers that I have written during my seminary career. I hope that these will be of some use to you and please feel free to provide me with feedback on these papers.  I am always looking to improve my work and my writing skills.

Usage Policy: All content below is the intellectual property of Terry E. Lange Jr. and is made available for personal and individual usage. If you cite from these documents, whether personally or professionally, please do the honorable thing and give the appropriate citation and provide a link to the original URL.  By opening any document, you are agreeing to this usage policy.

Church Discipline Paper

Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles

Epistolary Genre Paper

Money from Matthew

Confronting Culture


One response to “Papers

  1. Hi Terry, I hope you are well and pray that a door of opportunity for full-time service opens for you this year! I read elsewhere that you developed a chart on integrating newcomers at your church. Will you be kind enough to share this chart with me and any further insights on the process you follow? Thanks, Ndaba

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